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Putting the wrong fuel in car? No worries! Auto Fuel Doctor quality expert in evacuating the wrong fuel and take you back on the road safely. For the wrong fuel car recovery service, you can call us 24/7 and we guaranteed that your car is fit for driving, in just 1 hour.


The most common mistake of the drivers is putting petrol in diesel cars. Don’t be panic; in most of the scenarios, it can be fixed easily. Most of the time drivers get distracted in the populated areas and accidentally put the diesel in petrol  cars. But now there is a team for you in your local area; wrong fuel problems are fixed efficiently, by the Auto Fuel Doctor

Petrol in the diesel car, similarly drivers make a mistake unintentionally by putting the diesel in the petrol cars. These mistakes are common when you are in populated cities like London. So for your help, our auto fuel doctor team is there for your help in your local area. You will be out of danger with the help of our specialists.

The big mistake done by the drivers is by taking the Adblue as a fuel additive; but it is completely opposite. Adblue cannot mixed with petrol and diesel, it is an exhaust fluid. After all To err is human, However it is mandatory to prevent, once you realize that you filled Adblue in the tank.

Addition of Unleaded in the diesel cars is also a common mistake by the drivers. This is because unleaded nozzle can easily adjust to diesel filter. Results in hazard towards your vehicle and your safety. So we, Auto Fuel Doctor is here to take you out of danger caused by the wrong fueling like Unleaded in diesel.

Put the wrong fuel in your car?

North West London is the most populated city in the UK comprising of many districts. So the rush is the major problem of populated cities and due to hustle-bustle and panic, drivers make mistakes of wrong fueling. If you are in North West London and made a mistake of wrong fueling don’t worry our team is there for your help to provide you timely recovery services. Our team is professional in the recovery of wrong fuel services. And we are available for your assistance in your local area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. 

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All kind of the issues like MisFuelled, wrong fuel, Adblue contamination, contaminated fuel and fuel drainage car are fixed by our professionals.


Call us at (0203 903 9033), when you face misfuelling incident. The only solution is to draining the wrong fuel. And we will clean and refill your tank with the right fuel.

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We have the misfueling experts at Auto Fuel Doctor. Specialists can deal with the all makes and models of vehicles all across the uk.



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We will Fix Your Vehicle While you Wait!